Glow lights was created to light up people’s faces with a smile. 2020 was a very challenging year with many people spending more time around the house due to covid. It became more evident that our clients were looking for new ways to bring happiness into the home. Creating new architectural looks to an existing home through color is a passion of the Glow Lights team. Our mission is to make bring a smile to our clients every time they turn on their door LED Permanent lights. We offer high quality, affordable permanent lighting systems. Our team has extensive experience in light installation, sales, and customer service. Glow lights are not just installing LED lights, our goal is to leave a lasting positive experience. Light up your Life through Glow Lights.

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16 Million

More than your average string of lights! Set them to any colour in the rainbow (even.


A permanent system that requires no maintenance at the cost of just a couple seasons of.


Not just for Christmas. Use for architectural lighting, all red for Sens games, Green for St..

Energy Efficient

Each LED uses around 0.3 watts of power at full brightness. This is incredibly low!

Adjustable Brightness

Control all aspects of the lights, including brightness. Dim them down, or crank them up if.

Built for Canada

Our system has been extensively tested to withstand harsh Canadian winters. Everything is rated to work.

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