Glow lights provide an experience to enhance your everyday living. Coming home should be a place of relaxation and serenity.

Light up your Life with confidence

Our premium lights are rated to IP68 which means they are for underwater use.  All connectors are waterproof. Module lights are rated to IP67, which means they can get wet but, cannot be submerged into water. Our lights are built to last backed by warrantees.

Built for Canada

Our system has been extensively tested to withstand harsh Canadian winters. Everything is rated to work down to -40C.

Adjustable Brightness

Control all aspects of the lights, including brightness. Dim them down, or crank them up if you're having a party!

Energy Efficient

Each LED uses around 0.3 watts of power at full brightness. This is incredibly low!


Not just for Christmas. Use for architectural lighting, all red for Sens games, Green for St. Patty's ... you get the idea.

Customizable Patterns

Twinkles, chases, fades and many more. All customizable to any colour palette you like.


A permanent system that requires no maintenance at the cost of just a couple seasons of professional light installation.

16 Million

More than your average string of lights! Set them to any colour in the rainbow (even warm white).

Control from your phone

Control all aspects of your lighting system easily from an app on your phone. ios and android apps


Have your lights turn on at sunset. Program in your favorite holidays. Never worry about turning off your lights again.

Well Hidden

When off, the lights are virtually invisible from the street. The track is colour-matched to your house to blend in perfectly.

No more climbing up ladders. Our lights are a permanent installation and are rated for 50,000 hours of use. (That’s over 20 years at 6 hours of use every night!)

Clients Feedback

Our team has extensive experience in light installation, sales and customer service. Glow lights are not just installing LED lights, our goal is to leave a lasting positive experience. Light up your Life through Glow Lights.

We were lucky enough to find Glowlights after having a horrible install last year. Our consultation appointment brought informative, honest, friendly service. We found that our previously installed ‘permanent’ lighting was not to code, non repairable and we were shown the depths of just how bad our current light situation was. Glowlights was so amazing to deal with, and truly helped save such a bad situation. They immediately jumped in to action to salvage what they could and create a truly beautiful, seamless custom led light solution for our home that worked within our budget. Highly recommend Glowlights for an honest, fair, beautiful permanent led light installation. They made our season bright again!

Danielle Slobodeck

We are so pleased with the Premium LED lights that were installed from Glow Lights, it has brightened up our whole home & our whole neighbourhood. We really appreciate the good job they had done at such a reasonable price! The installation process was such a breeze and both Rhonda & Dick made our experience soo comfortable, their patience and accommodation to what we wanted done on our home was outstanding! We are having soo much fun playing around with all the color combinations! Thank you so much for such a job well done! We highly recommend Glow Lights to anyone looking to transform their home with LED lights, we will definitely be reaching out to them once again when we purchase a new home!

MJ De Guzman


Glow Lights create a custom architectural look for your house everyday of the year. Our lights are designed to brighten up your house or yard help to create excitement and bring happiness into the home every day.

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